The AAP is a non-profit professional organization, founded in 1964.  Our purpose is to promote aviation psychology and related aerospace disciplines, and we target the following four areas:

Dissemination of Knowledge
We publish a newsletter several times a year to keep the membership informed of issues and events.  We promote the International Journal of Aerospace Psychology, and several members of the editorial board are affiliated with AAP.   All members receive the journal quarterly and are encouraged to publish in it.
Meetings and Publications
Each year we hold a business meeting followed by a dinner or informal reception.  This meeting is usually held on Tuesday evening during the week of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Annual Meeting in the same city as that meeting.  In April or May of the odd numbered years the association sponsors the International Symposium on Aviation Psychology, organized by Wright State University.   Attendance typically includes academics, practitioners, and researchers from around the globe.  May 2017 is the next ISAP meeting.
Improved Education and Research
The association provides assistance for student attendance at the International Symposium on Aviation Psychology.
Application of Psychological Principles to Aviation Safety and Welfare
Our members work in a diverse range of aviation fields, including flight-deck design, pilot selection and training, aviation safety research, maintenance human factors, cabin safety, air traffic control, and accident investigation.

The Association President is elected every two years, with elections held in September of alternate years.  The President appoints the executive Secretary/Treasurer, the Newsletter Editor and the Webmaster.


Current Officers
President:  Diane Damos

Executive Secretary/Treasurer:  Dennis Beringer
Webmaster/Communications Director:  Erin Bowen


Past AAP Leadership
Year President Executive Secretary Newsletter Editor
2013-2014 Dennis Beringer Linda Tomko
2011-2012 Dennis Beringer
2009-2010 Dennis Beringer
2006 Alan Hobbs Somenka Vitman Terry von Thaden
2004 Lori McDonnell Pam Munro Alan Hobbs
2002 Sherry Chappell Lori McDonnell Amber Laurel
1998 Elizabeth Lyall Rebekah Vint Lori McDonnell
1996 Kathleen L. Mosier Elizabeth Lyall Greg Pisanich
Phyllis Kayten
Lori McDonnell
1994 Sherry Chappell Kathleen L. Mosier William Corwin
Mica Endsley
1992 Sherry Chappell Karen McNally Kathleen L. Mosier
1990 Robert North Karen McNally Kathleen L. Mosier
1988 Robert P. Bateman Karen McNally John Reising
1986 Thomas M. McCloy Sherry Chappell Leray Leber
1985 John M. Reising Sherry Chappell Karen McNally
1984 John M. Reising Sherry Chappell Karen McNally
1983 Richard Jensen Sherry Chappell Sherry Chappell
1981 Mark Nataupsky Tom McCloy Sherry Chappell
1979 John K. Lauber Mark Nataupsky Sherry Chappell
1977 Jefferson M. Koonce John M. Bermudez
Mark Nataupsky
Mark Nataupsky
1976 Robert B. Besco Mark D. VanSlyke Mark D. VanSlyke
1975 Robert A. Alkov Curtis E. Sandler Curtis E. Sandler
1974 William E. Collins Roger C. Smith Roger C. Smith
1973 Samuel Karson Zakhour Youssef Richard Lerner
1972 Barb B. Cobb Sheldon L. Freud Sheldon L. Freud